2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 14, 2021  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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English (B.A.)

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Program Coordinator/Contact

Jason McEntee, Department Head
Department of English
Pugsley Hall 301, Box 2218

Program Information

The English major requires 45 credits in English and linguistics courses and is designed to give the student a broad overview of literature, writing, and the language.

Student Learning Outcomes

The English department’s B.A. program prepares students to become innovative professionals and global citizens by teaching them to read closely and critically, write creatively and persuasively, and explore the beauty and value of diverse literatures and cultures.

  • Analyze texts closely and critically, using key literary terms and concepts to interpret how the specific elements of a text contribute to its larger meanings. (Cross-Curricular Skills: Inquiry and Analysis; Critical and Creative Thinking; Integrative Learning)
  • Identify significant texts, authors, periods, movements, genres, theories, or modes from literary history, explaining how literary texts engage with their historical, cultural, aesthetic, or ideological contexts. (Cross-Curricular Skills: Inquiry and Analysis; Integrative Learning)
  • Identify key theoretical ideas, concepts, or methodologies and apply them to the reading and writing of texts. (Cross-Curricular Skills: Critical and Creative Thinking; Integrative Learning)
  • Write argumentative, creative, and reflective texts that demonstrate focus, content, structure, evidence, style, and grammar appropriate to their rhetorical contexts. (Cross-Curricular Skills: Critical and Creative Thinking; Integrative Learning)
  • Conduct scholarly research that incorporates the use of library resources and discipline-specific databases; the evaluation and integration of secondary sources; and the documentation of primary and secondary sources using MLA style.  (Cross-Curricular Skills: Information Literacy; Inquiry and Analysis)
  • Explain how literature both reflects and enriches the diversity of human experience through its exploration of the ways in which race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, or class shape identity and influence perception. (Cross-Curricular Skills: Critical and Creative Thinking; Inquiry and Analysis; Integrative Learning; Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity)

Academic Requirements

To count toward the Major, courses must be passed with a minimum grade of “C.”  Topics courses may only fulfill the specific requirements when approved by the department. All sections of ENGL 210  count as a major elective.

Course Delivery Format

The department offers coursework on campus, online, and at attendance centers around the state.

Requirements for English Major: 120 Credits

Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

System General Education Requirements

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Requirements: 9+

  • Modern Foreign Language Including the 202-Level Credits: 6+
  • AHSS 111 - Introduction to Global Citizenship and Diversity Credits: 3  
  • One declared minor outside of the major prefix OR a second major OR a teaching specialization. The minor may be a traditional minor within one department or it may be interdisciplinary involving more than one department. The minor can be in a different college. The minor must be declared no later than the student’s third semester of enrollment.
  • Capstone course in the major discipline
  • Upper division coursework Credits: 33

System General Education and/or major coursework may satisfy some or all of the above requirements. Consult program advisor for details. See the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences  for additional information about Bachelor of Arts specifications.

300 Level Literature Courses

Select two 300 level literature courses. Credits: 6

400 Level Literature Course

Select one 400 level literature course. Credits: 3

Writing Course

Select one writing course. Credits: 3

Linguistics Course

Select one linguistics course. Credits: 3


Taken as needed to complete any additional degree requirements.

Total Required Credits: 120


1 The department strongly recommends that students take ENGL 151 prior to their junior year.
2 When approved by the department.
3 Students must have senior standing and have completed ENGL 151 in order to enroll in ENGL 479.

Summary of Program Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

System General Education Requirements 30 Credit Hours
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements* 9+ Credit Hours
Major Requirements 45 Credit Hours
Supporting Coursework 6 Credit Hours
Electives** 36 Credit Hours

*System General Education Requirements, Major Requirements, and Supporting Coursework may satisfy some or all of the above requirements.  
**Taken as needed to complete any additional degree requirements.

Academic Advising Guide Sheet

The goal of the academic advising guide sheets and sample plans of study is to promote undergraduate student success by guiding all students to timely completion of an undergraduate degree. Students are not limited to the course sequence provided for their academic program. Instead, the sample plan of study is one possible path to completing your degree and is meant to be used as a guide for planning purposes in consultation with an academic advisor. The plans also help students prepare for meetings with their academic advisor and track their progress in their selected academic program.

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