Student Handbook 2020-2021 
    Jul 19, 2024  
Student Handbook 2020-2021 [Archived Catalog]

Student Handbook 2020-2021

Welcome to Your SDState Student Handbook

This web-based document provides access to information about services and resources for students as well as policies and procedures. Please be aware that all students are responsible for reading and knowing the contents of this handbook.

The South Dakota State University Student Handbook includes information about campus resources, university history, safety information, student rights and responsibilities, student grievance procedures and more. The SDSU Student Handbook lists general and contact information for key services including disability services, health and wellness services, student activities, etc.

South Dakota State University publishes the student handbook for the purpose of informing students about their rights, responsibilities and privileges on campus. The University does not accept custodial responsibility for any enrolled student or campus visitor. The SDSU Student Handbook does not constitute a contract between the university and the student. While policies and programs are presented accurately within this handbook, the university reserves the right to revise any section or part without notice or obligation.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for maintaining the handbook and welcomes your suggestions, in person or by email.

Disclaimers and Resources

The information contained in this handbook is the most accurate available at the time of publication, but changes may become effective before the next handbook is published. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to stay abreast of current regulations, curricula, and the status of specific programs being offered. Further, The University reserves the right, as approved by the Board of Regents, to modify requirements, curricula offerings, and charges, and to add, alter, or delete courses and programs through appropriate procedures. While reasonable efforts will be made to publicize such changes, a student is encouraged to seek current information from appropriate offices.

The South Dakota State University Policy and Procedure Manual is the definitive source for the most current South Dakota State University policies.  Policies duplicated on other websites or in print may not be the most current version. All policies documented on the site are official and supersede policies located elsewhere. South Dakota State University is governed by state and federal law, administrative regulations, and policies of the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) and the State of South Dakota.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The University offers equal opportunities in employment and for access to and participation in education, extension, and other services at the University to all persons qualified by academic preparation, experience, and ability for the various levels of employment or academic program or other University service, without discrimination based on sex, race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, gender, gender identification, transgender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any other status that may become protected under law against discrimination.

The University, in conjunction with state and federal law and applicable SDBOR and University policies, is committed to the objectives of equal opportunity, nondiscrimination, and affirmative action. Redress for alleged violations of those laws may be pursued at law, or through the procedures established in University Policy 4:6 through the University Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator..

Michelle Johnson, Ed.D., Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator & Affirmative Action Officer
South Dakota State University
Human Resources, Morrill Hall Room 100
Brookings, SD 57007

SDSU has adopted a Compliance Hotline that offers two additional ways to report concerns, including the option to report anonymously, call 1-844-880-0004 or visit the web reporting website.

For more information on the policies established to promote equal opportunity and eliminate discrimination and harassment at SDSU visit the website.


South Dakota State University offers a rich academic experience in an environment of inclusion and access through inspired, student-centered education, creative activities and research, innovation and engagement that improve the quality of life in South Dakota, the region, the nation and the world.


South Dakota State University will be a premier land-grant university recognized for high value, innovation, and bold impact.

Core Values

  • People-Centered: We recorgnize leadership is derived from service to others. We are committed to creating a culture where all thrive and are supported on their own personal and professional paths toward lifelong learning, growth, and leadership.
  • Creativity: Creativity is our cornerstone to expand knowledge, develop human understanding, and enrich quality of life. We believe that education and reserch/scholrship/creative activity reinforce one another and the best academic programs bring innovative teaching and rigorous research together.
  • Integrity: We act with organizational and personal integrity, through honest interactions, professionalsim, transparent and accountable decision-making, and respect for others.
  • Diversity: We are committed to diversity of community and ideas. We believe in a supportive, inclusive, collaborative, and cohesive environment with a focus on access. We actively seek collaboration and we respect individuals with differieng perspectives, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.
  • Excellence: Excellence is achieved through continuous improvement, assessment, and accountability. We embrace bold action and adapt to an ever-changing environment. Individually, we are experts at what we do. Collectively, our impact is even greater.

South Dakota State University will be a premier land-grant university recognized for high value, innovation, and bold impact.