2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 19, 2021  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog

Nutrition Minor

Program Coordinator/Contact

Kendra Kattelmann, PhD, RDN, LN, FAND, Director
School of Health and Consumer Sciences
Wagner Hall 425, Box 2275A

Program Information

A minor in Nutrition can be beneficial to individuals who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in many health related fields and pre-professional programs. It may also assist students who are interested in attending graduate or medical school by providing a strong science knowledge base. The minor would benefit students in the hospitality and/or food service industries.  The minor does not allow students to become a registered dietitian, but it provides a strong fundamental knowledge of metabolism and the complex interaction between foods and body systems. 

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a minor in Nutrition will be able to:

  • demonstrate fundamental knowledge of food selection, preparation, and safety,
  • demonstrate a fundamental knowledge related to human nutrition and health-promoting dietary practices,
  • identify appropriate and reliable nutrition information and use that information within appropriate ethical and legal limits.

Academic Requirements

Students planning a minor must receive School approval. Some courses in the curriculum have prerequisites; higher level mathematics or chemistry courses may be accepted, with School approval.

Course Delivery Format

Program coursework is presented in lecture, laboratory, and field-based learning experiences.