2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 18, 2020  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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Studio Art (B.F.A.) - Art Education Specialization

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Program Coordinator/Contact

Diana Behl, Studio Art Program Coordinator
School of Design
Grove Hall 101, Box 2802

Program Information

The Art Education specialization is part of the Studio Art Program and prepares majors for careers as art educators in elementary and secondary schools (K-12). Art Education comprises courses from the Studio Art Program and the Secondary Teacher Education Program. The curriculum prepares students for the state educator certification process which includes the successful completion of a state-designated pedagogy test. Students pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree that provides instruction in all the studio art areas focusing on technical and conceptual development along with the coursework in teaching and learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

The courses in the Studio Art Program are designed to provide students with fundamental experiences necessary in visual knowledge, decision-making and the mechanisms of creative and expressive abilities. The Program offers candidates interested in teaching art in schools (K-12) a strong and diverse program in art education. Upon completion of our curriculum, the student is prepared for certification as an art teacher to teach levels from kindergarten through high school. The art education curriculum, in accord with the College of Education and Human Sciences Undergraduate Teacher Education Program at South Dakota State University, provides candidates with the skills and experience necessary to develop effective teachers. This includes:

  • Expertise in a content area-visual arts
  • Knowledge of student learning and development
  • Knowledge of diverse student learning needs and preferences
  • A variety of Constructivist instructional models, activities, and strategies
  • Strategies that create a socially interactive and self-motivating learning environment
  • Communication strategies and knowledge of language processes
  • Outcome-oriented curriculum and instructional plans
  • Formal and informal assessment strategies
  • Strategies for principled reflection and professional involvement
  • Strategies that foster collaborative relationships with colleagues, parents, and community members.

Academic Requirements

  • Studio Art students must maintain at least a major GPA of 2.6 and an overall GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale for the duration of the program.  A grade of a “C” or better is required in all ART, ARTE, ARTH, GDES, DSGN, LA, ARCH, and ID courses. 
  • A grade of “C” or better is required in SPCM 101 , ENGL 101 , PSYC 101 , and MATH 103  or higher (if these courses are in your plan of study), and all courses for the major (classes with department/program prefix).
  • An overall GPA of 2.5 is required to enroll in any education courses.

Accreditation, Certification, and Licensure


National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs
South Dakota Department of Education

Certification and Licensure

  • Completion of an approved bachelor’s K-12 preparation program.
  • Completion of an approved Indian Studies course.
  • Pass the state designated content knowledge test or 2.7 GPA in content major coursework.
  • Pass the state designated pedagogy test.
  • Completion of a Suicide Awareness and Prevention training, available free online through the South Dakota Department of Education.
  • Apply online with the South Dakota Department of Education.
  • Written recommendation from institution of higher education (SDSU) verifying program completion.

Course Delivery Format

Course content is delivered through hands-on studio work combined with lectures, demonstrations and critiques.

Requirements for Studio Art Major - Art Education Specialization: 128 Credits

Bachelor of Fine Arts

System General Education Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts Requirements: 3

System General Education and/or major coursework may satisfy some or all of the above requirements. Consult program advisor for details. See the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences  for additional information about Bachelor of Fine Arts specifications.

School of Design Requirements

Major Requirement

Supporting Coursework

Total Required Credits: 128


  • Students must also receive a “C” grade or better in  ,  , and   or higher.
  • There are GPA requirements for entry into and continuation within the teacher education program. For additional information please consult the Secondary Education Handbook.

AH  Art History B.F.A. Coursework
S    Supportive B.F.A. Studies

Summary of Program Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts

System General Education Requirements 30 Credit Hours
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements 3 Credit Hours
School of Design Requirements* 12 Credit Hours
Major Requirements 39 Credit Hours
Teacher Education Requirements 29 Credit Hours
Supporting Coursework 15 Credit Hours
Electives** 0 Credit Hours

*System General Education Requirements, Major Requirements, and Supporting Coursework may satisfy some or all of the above requirements.  
**Taken as needed to complete any additional degree requirements.

Academic Advising Guide Sheet

The goal of the academic advising guide sheets and sample plans of study is to promote undergraduate student success by guiding all students to timely completion of an undergraduate degree. Students are not limited to the course sequence provided for their academic program. Instead, the sample plan of study is one possible path to completing your degree and is meant to be used as a guide for planning purposes in consultation with an academic advisor. The plans also help students prepare for meetings with their academic advisor and track their progress in their selected academic program.

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