2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
    Dec 12, 2019  
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Natural Resource Management

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Michele Dudash, Department Head
Department of Natural Resource Management
Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Laboratory 138, Box 2140B
E-mail: michele.dudash@sdstate.edu

The Department of Natural Resource Management provides undergraduate and graduate programs focused on improving the understanding and management of natural resources. The quality of life for many humans is intimately tied to the use and conservation of natural resources. Thus, educational opportunities in natural resource management at SDSU can lead to a diverse array of career opportunities. Departmental faculty and staff conduct research and provide outreach services that contribute to the understanding and management of natural resources on local to global scales.

Graduate Faculty

Kristel Bakker, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Barnes, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tom Besser, Adjunct Associate Professor
Brian Blackwell, Adjunct Associate Professor
Michael Brown, Associate Professor
Gary Brundige, Adjunct Associate Professor
Jack Butler, Adjunct Professor
E. Frances Cassirer, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Steven Chipps, Adjunct Professor
Michele Dudash, Department Head and Professor
Mark Fincel, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Teresa Frink, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Roger Gates,  Adjunct Professor
Larry Gigliotti, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Brian Graeb, Assistant Professor
Shaun Grassel, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrew Gregory, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jonathan Jenks, Distinguished Professor
Kent Jensen, Associate Professor
William Jensen, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Patricia Johnson, Professor
Carol Johnston, Professor
Maribeth Latvis, Assistant Professor
Josh Leffler, Assistant Professor
Jonathan Lundgren, Adjunct Professor
Jacqueline Ott, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lora Perkins, Assistant Professor
Donelle Schwalm, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Daniel Shoup, Adjunct Associate Professor
Alexander (Sandy) Smart, Professor
Joshua Stafford, Adjunct Associate Professor
Daniel Thompson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nels Troelstrup, Assistant Head and Professor
Daniel Walsh, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dorothy Wells, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tammy Wilson, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lan Xu, Professor


Master’s Degrees

Doctoral Degrees


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