2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
    Sep 19, 2021  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Mathematics Certificate

Program Coordinator/Contact

Kurt D. Cogswell, Department Head
Donald Vestal, Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall 209, Box 2225

Program Information

The online Graduate Mathematics Certificate and the Advanced Graduate Mathematics Certificate  are programs (each has 9 graduate math credits) designed for current high school mathematics teachers that are either enrolled in or have completed a master’s degree that would like to become concurrent dual credit math instructors.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Content Knowledge: Demonstrate depth and breadth of content knowledge in a core area of mathematics.
  • Critical Thinking: Read, analyze, write and present mathematical arguments with clarity.
  • Inquiry Analysis:  Research current mathematical practices/theorems and communicate findings.

Course Delivery Format

Coursework for this program will be delivered online.

Certificate Requirements

All courses used to meet the certificate requirements are MATH or STAT prefixed courses and must include at least one analytic and one abstract course in the collection of three courses (nine credits).  One course from a non-SDBOR University may be substituted.  Courses cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of both the Graduate Mathematics Certificate and the Advanced Graduate Mathematics Certificate.

Abstract Component - Select one of the following:

  • MATH 513 - Abstract Algebra I Credits: 3
  • MATH 514 - Abstract Algebra II Credits: 3
  • MATH 536 - Number Theory and Cryptography Credits: 3
  • MATH 537 - Cryptography and Codes Credits: 3
  • MATH 561 - Geometry Credits: 3
  • MATH 713 - Advanced Algebra I Credits: 3
  • MATH 714 - Advanced Algebra II Credits: 3
  • Credits: 3

Analytic Component - Select one of the following:

Graduate Math Elective

Any MATH or STAT content course 500-level or higher not used as the Abstract or Applied Mathematics course for this Certificate. Credits: 3

Total Required Credits: 9

Additional Admission Requirements

Please refer to the following for additional information:

Graduate School Admissions

Additional Information

Students enrolled in SDSU certificate programs are not eligible for federal student financial aid. The non-federal alternative loan programs may be used for students meeting the lender criteria as found at www.sdstate.edu (search alternative loans). For further information, please contact the SDSU financial aid office at 605-688-4695 or finaid@sdstate.edu.