2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Oct 14, 2019  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Pre-Athletic Training

Program Coordinator/Contact

Trevor Roiger, Athletic Training Program Director
College of Education and Human Sciences
Wagner 135, Box 2275A

Pre-Professional Interest Area Information

The pre-athletic training curriculum is a pre-professional curriculum whereby necessary prerequisites can be completed in preparation for applying to the Master of Science (M.S.) in Athletic Training program at SDSU.  Students must complete the pre-athletic training curriculum and earn a bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for the M.S. in Athletic Training.  Students must also have a sound understanding of the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and possess exceptional communication skills. The suggested courses listed below are essential for application to the athletic training program at SDSU and are common to other programs across the country.   Acceptance into the M.S. in Athletic Training program is competitive, therefore, a strong undergraduate academic record is essential.  Advisors in the Health and Nutritional Sciences department provide advising to assist each student in developing an undergraduate academic plan best-suited to help him/her transition into the athletic training program at SDSU.

Suggested Majors

Suggested Coursework

Human Physiology

Exercise Physiology

Clinical Observations

Although not required for acceptance into all graduate-level athletic training programs, some (including the Master of Science in Athletic Training* at SDSU) require a minimum number of observations within athletic training practice settings.

*Students interested in applying to the Master of Science in Athletic Training at SDSU are encouraged to visit the program website (http://www.sdstate.edu/hns/graduate-programs/ms-athletic-training.cfm) at their earliest convenience to learn more about the program and the application process.