2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Feb 25, 2021  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Teaching, Learning & Leadership

Andrew Stremmel, Department Head
Department of Teaching, Learning and Leadership
Wenona Hall 108
E-mail: andrew.stremmel@sdstate.edu



Kay Cutler, Andrew Stremmel

Associate Professor

Mary Bowne

Assistant Professors

Katherine Bertolini, Anthony Durr, Patrick Hales, Jennifer Kampmann, Julie Keller, P. Troy White


Susanne Brokmeier, Laura Gloege, Lynda Venhuizen, Jennifer Weber


Jennifer Lacher-Starace, Dan Stluka


Lowell Amiotte, Carl Edeburn, V. Duane Everett, Clark Hanson, Darrell Jensen, Charles Lingren, Peggy Gordon Miller, Lon Moeller, Lawrence Rogers, Gary Steinley, Ann Wilson


The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership prepares educational professionals to be teachers and educational leaders for the 21st century. The department is committed to preparing highly qualified professionals, creating and sharing new knowledge in our profession, and developing outreach opportunities with stakeholders in the field. The departmental vision includes four overarching themes: Responsiveness, Collaboration, Innovation, and Commitment that guide their teaching, research, and service.



Certification Preparation Programs


Graduate Programs*

  • Agricultural Education (M.S.)
  • Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) - Adult and Higher Education Specialization
  • Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) - Early Childhood Education Specialization
  • Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) - Elementary Education Specialization
  • Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) - Secondary Education Specialization
  • Educational Administration (M.Ed.) - Elementary Education Specialization
  • Educational Administration (M.Ed.) - Secondary Education Specialization
  • Human Sciences (M.S.) - Family and Consumer Sciences Education Specialization

* Graduate degrees are offered in collaboration with the Graduate School. For details, see the Graduate Catalog.

Facilities & Services

The department has several unique facilities and services.

Student Support & Engagement Opportunities

The department encourages student participation in organizations and honor societies.

The department also provides information and assistance as students seek out scholarship, internship, and career opportunities.