2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 14, 2021  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy, & Religion

William Prigge, Department Head
Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion
West Hall Room 109
E-mail: will.prigge@sdstate.edu



Gregory Peterson

Associate Professors

William Prigge, Charles Vollan

Assistant Professors

Laura Chandler, Lisa Hager, Arthur James Murphy, Dale Potts, David Wiltse, Evren Celik Wiltse, Graham Wrightson


Clark Alan Sexton, George Tsakiridis


Christopher Hummel, Kyle Irvin, Karl Schmidt, Erika Tritle


Ann Marie Bahr, Rodney Bell, Robert Burns, David Crain, Michael Funchion, Delmer Lonowski, John E. Miller, David S. Nelson, Jerry Sweeney, Gordon Tolle


The Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion complements the vision of South Dakota State University and the College of Arts and Sciences to be nationally distinctive and locally relevant through faculty teaching, service and scholarship. Departmental faculty efforts support a challenging curriculum which encourages civic participation to perpetuate the values and historic traditions of democracy. Its members encourage and prepare students, through a liberal education, to live in an increasingly interconnected world and to understand and appreciate the human diversity created by cultures, geography and time. The political science faculty engenders an awareness and understanding of global events, while the history faculty identifies the historic background and historical trends that influence these events.  The philosophy and religion faculty deal with the fundamental questions of life, the basis of knowledge and morality and practices of the world’s many religious traditions. This curriculum is presented in a manner that develops and enhances critical thinking and communication skills to prepare students for meaningful employment, further scholarship and community engagement. These efforts facilitate the achievement of national distinction by the department’s majors as scholars and engaged citizens.




Pre-Professional Interest Areas

Facilities & Services

The Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion is housed in the historic West Hall. 

Student Support & Engagement Opportunities

The department has clubs and activities for students such as: