2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Department of Biology and Microbiology

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Volker Brözel, Department Head
Department of Biology and Microbiology
Alfred Dairy Science Hall 228
E-mail: biomicro@abs.sdstate.edu


Professor Brözel, Head; Professors Bleakly, Bücking, Gibbons, Hildreth, Kaushik, F. Li, Pedersen, Reese, Wang, Yen, Zhou; Professors Emeriti Chen, Evenson, Granholm, Meyers, Peterson, Whalen; Associate Professors Auger, W. Li, Nepal, Wu; Assistant Prosfessors Marzano, Messerli, Thiex; Lecturers Heiberger, Ladonski, Lenertz, Warren; Instructors Ellis, McCutcheon, Mediger, Orth, Thompson, Smith; Adjunct Faculty Bootsma, Chase, Chen, Ge, Gonda, Hoppe, Hughes, Kightlinger, Lundgren, Nelson, Specker.


The Biology and Microbiology department provides a vibrant environment in which students learn, discover and grow. Faculty are dedicated to offering learning environments that prepare students for productive successful careers, contributing to industry, healthcare and research. The department is equally dedicated to probing the fascinating intricacies of living systems in order to contribute to regional and national needs. Research teams collaborate in multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams to seek solutions for pressing problems in agriculture, health and energy.


Biology (B.S.)  
Biology (B.S.) - Secondary Education Specialization  
Biotechnology (B.S.)  
Human Biology (B.S.)  
Microbiology (B.S.)  
Biology Minor  
Microbiology Minor  
Pre-Professional Interest Areas
(Pre-) Chiropractic  
(Pre-) Dental  
(Pre-) Medicine  
(Pre-) Mortuary  
(Pre-) Optometry  
(Pre-) Physician Assistant  
Graduate Programs*
Biological Sciences (M.S.)
     Biology Specialization
     Microbiology Specialization
Biological Sciences (Ph.D)
     Biology Specialization
     Microbiology Specialization
     Molecular Biology Specialization
* Graduate degrees are offered in collaboration with the Graduate School. For details, see the Graduate Catalog.

Facilities and Services

The Department of Biology and Microbiology and its faculty members are located in four buildings, Edgar S. McFadden Biostress Laboratory (SNP), Alfred Dairy Science Hall - main office (SDS), Berg Agricultural Hall (SAG), and Olson Research Laboratories (SAS) on the SDSU campus. The Functional Genomics Core Facility and the Animal Resource Wing facilities and equipment are available to support research activities in the areas of abiotic and biotic stresses to plants, infectious diseases, microbiology, and bioproducts.

Student Support and Engagement Opportunities 

The department provides a rich selection of experiences for students, from the undergraduate research in over 20 laboratories, to international travel experiences, and internships in healthcare and industry. Students may also participate in numerous clubs and organizations related to their academic programs.

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