Student Handbook 2023-2024 
    Dec 04, 2023  
Student Handbook 2023-2024

Campus Involvement

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Stanley J Marshall Center 251


With 19 sports competing at the NCAA Division I level, the Jackrabbits have claimed 69 regular and postseason league championships in ten different sports since 2009-10. Visit the official Jackrabbits Athletics website for team and facility information, ticket information and to catch the latest Jackrabbit news, events and results. Students may use their student ID card to gain access to all regular-season athletic events.


Fraternity and Sorority Life

Student Union 136


Fraternity and Sorority Life Email

Joining Fraternity & Sorority Life at SDSU means becoming part of something that is bigger than yourself. A fraternity (men’s organizations) or a sorority (women’s organizations) is a group of people with similar goals and values that all make a lifetime commitment to an organization. At SDSU, we have 8 men’s chapters and 4 women’s chapters. Each chapter was founded on ideals like mutual support, community service, scholarship, lifelong friendships, and personal and professional development. During college, members grow and make the organization better while gaining valuable leadership and teamwork skills through holding chapter offices and planning chapter events. Their shared experiences build friendships that last a lifetime. Fraternity or sorority membership is a great way to make new friends, build personal and professional connections, get involved on campus, and make a difference in your community.  


Hobo Day


Hobo Day Email

Hobo Day is the homecoming celebration for South Dakota State University and includes a parade through campus and Downtown Brookings, a Jackrabbits Football game, and many unique traditions throughout the week leading up to the Saturday finale. The first Hobo Day occurred November 2, 1912. Homecoming thrives at South Dakota State University and is the “Biggest One-Day Event in the Dakotas”. The return of alumni to their alma mater for a weekend of football, fun and memories has flourished and grown over the decades, embodying the essence of Jackrabbit Pride.


Intramural Sports

Miller Wellness Center


Competitive Sports Email

Intramural sports offers students an opportunity to compete in various sports, such as flag football, softball, basketball, and many more against other SDSU students. These sports offer a level of participation which doesn’t require the time commitments of practice, while still giving participants the chance to improve upon their physical fitness, social wellness, and self-image through competition. You can join for the competition or just to spend more time with friends. Whatever your reason, the opportunity is there.



LeadState Email

LeadState is a semester-long leadership development program designed for college sophomores. Students are nominated to participate by faculty and staff from across campus and can also self-nominate by sending an e-mail to the LeadState account indicating their interest in the program. Around fifty students take part in LeadState each semester, and over 1400 students have completed the program since its inaugural year in 2009.


Outdoor Programs

Miller Wellness Center


Outdoor Programs Email

The Outdoor Program at the SDSU Miller Wellness Center is a comprehensive outdoor recreation program dedicated to providing South Dakota State Univerisity students and community an outlet to become involved within numerous outdoor opportunities at the SDSU Wellness Center, within South Dakota, and its neighboring states.


Performing Arts


If you’re passionate about music, theatre, dance or the arts, opportunities to showcase your talents are waiting for you. Some groups on campus require an audition to join and some don’t, but almost all of them are open to students in any major. In some cases, you can receive college credit that fulfills general education requirements, or you can audition for special scholarship that rewards your talent. The newly expanded Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center provides expanded opportunities to participate in performing groups or view them as an audience member.


Sports Clubs

Miller Wellness Center


Competitive Sports Email

For students who are looking to continue the level of competitiveness and structure that they had in high school, or just looking for a chance to travel and compete, we offer sport clubs. Teams both host and travel to various competitions against other colleges and universities throughout the region and the nation. These clubs require a higher level of commitment than intramural sports as teams structure practices throughout the week and may travel on many weekends. If you don’t see an active club for the sport you’d like to play, there is always an opportunity to start your own. With a group of like-minded students, new clubs are always a possibility.

Note: These are not NCAA Varsity Athletic Programs.


Student Media

The Collegian

Student Union 069


The Collegian Email

Advertising Email

The Collegian is South Dakota State’s independent student-run newspaper. It provides a welcoming environment for all SDSU students to gain real-world experience in the news industry. Weekly papers are published and distributed on Wednesdays, but The Collegian staff regularly updates and its social media platforms. The Collegian staff edits and designs page layouts Monday and Tuesday nights. The work is rewarding and gives great experience for students interested in content creation, business management, leadership development, and print and digital storytelling.


Student Union 057


KSDJ radio - Student Radio, offers students an opportunity to learn about the radio industry, working both on-air and behind the scenes, managing the day-to-day obligations of a 24-7 radio station. Any SDSU student can host or produce a show. Hosting live or pre-recorded radio shows helps students develop an on-air personality, learn audio technology skills, and curate ideas and content. Spots are available throughout the broadcast day. The KSDJ staff also co-organizes a May Day Music Festival in April and broadcasts Jackrabbit athletic games throughout the academic year. The staff is also interested in collaborating with SDSU students who are podcasters, music makers, filmmakers, writers, artists, designers, and anyone else who is committed to keeping our campus and community interesting.


Student Organizations

Student Union 136


Student Organizations are such an important element to so many students’ college experience. They provide social connections, leadership development, and valuable skillset practice to help prepare students for the world after college. Visit Jacks Club Hub to search for events, organizations and to discover unique opportunities at SDSU.

Student Org Handbook

  • Please use this handbook as a reference guide for SDSU student organization policies and procedures but always feel welcome to reach out to staff and fellow student leaders for further questions and assistance. We are here to support you, encourage you, and empower you to reach all of your student organization’s goals.

Travel & Field Trips

  • This policy and its procedures strive to promote safe travel by University students and members of the University’s recognized student organizations for certain student activities or trips, as well as set forth the University protocols for the certain activities or trips.


Students’ Association

Student Union 128


Students’ Association Email

The SDSU Students’ Association includes you! All SDSU students are a part of the Students’ Association. SA is SDSU’s official student government organization which advocates for students as a liaison between students, administration, state legislators, and the South Dakota Board of Regents and aims to positively impact the SDSU community. Our SA Senate is composed of student representatives based on the college in which their major falls. Senator duties include speaking with constituents, composing legislation, serving on university committees, and representing the voices of all SDSU students. Weekly meetings are held each Monday at 7 p.m. in the Lewis & Clark Room of the Student Union. Elections are held each spring for student body President and Vice President as well as Senators from each college. Leadership, advocacy, networking and professional development are a few of the many benefits of getting involved with SA.


University Program Council

Student Union 136


University Program Council Email

The University Program Council (UPC) is designed to serve as the primary programming organization at SDSU and is composed of various committees for programs and special projects or events. As a recognized student organization at SDSU, UPC is funded through student fees and some program revenue. The student leaders who make up the program board work year-round to provide educational, social, recreational, and cultural programs for the benefit of the South Dakota State University community.


Disclaimers and Resources

The information contained in this handbook is the most accurate available at the time of publication, but changes may become effective before the next handbook is published. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to stay abreast of current regulations, curricula, and the status of specific programs being offered. Further, The University reserves the right, as approved by the Board of Regents, to modify requirements, curricula offerings, and charges, and to add, alter, or delete courses and programs through appropriate procedures. While reasonable efforts will be made to publicize such changes, a student is encouraged to seek current information from appropriate offices.

The South Dakota State University Policy and Procedure Manual is the definitive source for the most current South Dakota State University policies.  Policies duplicated on other websites or in print may not be the most current version. All policies documented on the site are official and supersede policies located elsewhere. South Dakota State University is governed by state and federal law, administrative regulations, and policies of the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) and the State of South Dakota.