2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 24, 2021  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Board and Council Members, Administration

   ––– Graduate Council –––

Mary Kay Helling

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs; Chair; Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Kristi Tornquist Chief University Librarian and Professor of Library Science, Ex-officio
Sandra Bunkers

Professor of Nursing, Term expires 2012

Anne Fennell Professor of Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape and Parks, Term expires 2013
Xiangming Guan Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Term expires 2014
Zhong Hu

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Term expires 2012

Paul Johnson

Professor of Plant Science, Term expires 2014

Allen Jones

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Term expires 2012

Jason McEntee

Assistant Professor of English, Term expires 2013

Jane Mort

Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Term expires 2012
Marla Muxen

Professor of Counseling & Human Development, Term expires 2014

Bernadette Olson Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Term expires 2013
Haifa Samra

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Term expires 2012

Jay Shore

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Term expires 2014

   ––– SDSU Administration –––

David L. Chicoine

PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1979, Professor of Economics

Laurie Sternberg Nichols

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
PhD, The Ohio State University, 1988, Professor of Human Development

Michael F. Adelaine

Vice President for Information Technology
PhD, University of Nebraska, 1989, Professor of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Kevin D. Kephart

Vice President for Research
PhD, Iowa State University, 1987, Professor of Plant Science

Marysz Palczewski Rames

Vice President for Student Affairs
EdD, University of South Dakota, 1997, Professor of Education

Mary Kay Helling

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Interim Dean of Graduate School
PhD, Purdue University, 1992, Professor of Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences

James Doolittle

Interim Associate Vice President of Research & Sponsored Programs

Wesley G. Tschetter

Associate Vice President  for Finance and Business
MBA, University of South Dakota, 1971

Dean E. Kattelmann

Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Services
MS, University of Missouri, 1989

Tracy Welsh

Director of High School Relations and Admissions
BA, Fontbonne College, 1980

Gary Yarrow

Director of Environmental Health and Safety
PhD, University of Minnesota, 1985, Professor of Chemistry

   ––– College Deans –––

Lewis F. Brown

Dean, College of Engineering
PhD, Iowa State University, 1988, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Keith W. Corbett

Dean, College of General Studies
EdD, University of South Dakota, 2001, Assistant Professor of Education

Kristi Tornquist

Chief University Librarian
PhD, University of Minnesota, 1992, Higher Education Administration

Barry Dunn
Dean, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
PhD, South Dakota State University, 2000, Professor of Animal and Range Sciences

Dennis Hedge

Dean, College of Pharmacy
PharmD, University of Kansas, 1991, Professor of Pharmacy Practice

David Hilderbrand

Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
PhD, University of Minnesota, 1991, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

Timothy J. Nichols

Dean, Honors College
PhD, South Dakota State University, 2001, Associate Professor of Rural Sociology

Roberta K. Olson

Dean, College of Nursing
PhD, Saint Louis University, 1984, Professor of Nursing

Gail Dobbs Tidemann

Dean, Continuing Education
PhD, University of Alabama, 1986, Professor of Human Development, Consumer and Family Sciences

   ––– Board of Regents –––

Honorable Jack R. Warner Executive Director
Honorable Terry Baloun, Highmore Term expires 2016
Honorable James O. Hansen, Pierre Term expires 2013
Honorable Harvey C. Jewett, IV, Aberdeen Term expires 2017
Honorable Kathryn Johnson, Hill City Term expires 2017
Honorable Dean Krogman, Brookings Term expires 2015
Honorable Randall K. Morris, Spearfish Term expires 2016
Honorable Carole Pagones, Sioux Falls Term expires 2015

Honorable Randy Schaefer, Madison

Term expires 2015
Honorable Patrick Weber, Montrose Term expires 2012