2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Aug 17, 2022  
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Organizations & Administration

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The Board of Regents. Control of the educational institutions of the state is vested in the Board of Regents.

The Faculty consists of the President, the Vice Presidents, the Deans and other administrative officers, teachers and researchers with rank of instructor or above. The faculty is responsible in general for academic standards and procedures and programs, including recommending to the Regents the candidates for degrees. Faculty business is conducted by the Academic Senate, an elected body through which faculty express concerns for the welfare of the University and the university community, develop and disseminate communications, contribute to formation of general university policy, and perform those duties and functions allocated to or assumed by the faculty.

Board of Regents

Honorable Terry Baloun
          (Term expires March 31, 2010)
Honorable Kathryn Johnson
          Vice President
          (Term expires March 31, 2011)
          Rapid City
Honorable James O. Hansen
          (Term expires March 31, 2013)
Honorable Harvey C. Jewett
          (Term expires March 31, 2011)
Honorable Dean Krogman

          (Term expires March 31, 2015)
Honorable Randall K. Morris
          (Term expires March 31, 2010)
Honorable Carole Pagones
          (Term expires March 31, 2015)
          Sioux Falls
Honorable Melanie Satchell
          Student Regent
          (Term Expires July 1, 2010)
Honorable Randy Schaefer
          (Term expires March 31, 2015)

Honorable Jack R. Warner
          Executive Director

General Administration

          David L. Chicoine, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
          Laurie Stenberg Nichols, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President for Administration
          Michael P. Reger, Ph.D.
Vice President for Information Technology
          Michael F. Adelaine, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs
          Kevin D. Kephart, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
          Marysz Palczewski-Rames, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
          Mary Kay Helling, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Finance and Business
          Wesley G. Tschetter, M.B.A.
Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs
          John J. Ruffolo, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Services
          Dean Kattelmann, M.S.
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
          Douglas Wermedal, M.S.
Assistant Vice President for Student Services/Registrar
          Matthew Aschenbrener, Ed.D.

Deans/Associate and Assistant Deans

College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
          Donald M. Marshall, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs
          Latif Lighari, Ph.D., Associate, Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension Service
          John D. Kirby, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Director of Agricultural Experiment Station
College of Arts and Sciences
          Jerry D. Jorgensen, Ph.D., Dean
          Daniel W. Landes, Ph.D., Assistant Dean
College of Education and Human Sciences
          David Hildebrand, Ph.D., Acting Dean
College of Engineering
          Lewis F. Brown, Ph.D., Dean
          Richard A. Reid, Ph.D., Assistant Dean
College of General Studies
          Keith Corbett, Ed.D., Dean
          Denise Peterson, Ed.D., Assistant to the Dean
College of Nursing
          Roberta K. Olson, Ph.D., Dean
College of Pharmacy
          Dennis Hedge, Pharm.D., Dean
Continuing and Extended Education
          Gail Dobbs Tidemann, Ph.D., Dean
Graduate School
          Kevin D. Kephart, Ph.D., Dean
          Diane Holland Rickerl, Ph.D., Associate Dean
Honors College
          Timothy J. Nichols, Ph.D., Dean
          David E. Gleim, Ph.D., Dean


Academic Evaluation & Assessment
          Jo Ann Sckerl, Ed.D.
Academic Programs (College of AgBio)
          Donald M. Marshall, Ph.D.
Administrative and Research Computing
          Delmar R. Johnson, M.Ed.
          Tracy Welsh, B.A.
AgBio Communications Unit
Agricultural Experiment Station
          John D. Kirby, Ph.D.
Agricultural Heritage Museum
          Mac Harris, M.S.
Agricultural Information Technologies
          Michael F. Adelaine, Ph.D.
Alumni Association
          Matt Fuks, B.S.
Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (ADRDL)
          David H. Zeman, D.V.M.
          Justin Sell, M.S.
Bookstore, University
          Derek Peterson, B.S.
Capitol University Center-Pierre
          Ron Woodburn, M.S.
Career and Academic Planning (CAP Center)
          Keith Corbett, Ed.D.
Center for Infectious Disease Research and Vaccinology
          David H. Francis, Ph.D.
Cooperative Extension Service
          Latif Lighari, Ph.D.
Dining Services
          Jill Ackland, B.S.
Disability Services
          Nancy Crooks, M.S.
Diversity Enhancement
          Allen R. Branum, Ph.D., Acting
Engineering Resource Center (ERC)
          Kevin Dalsted, M.S.
Environmental Health & Safety
          Gary Yarrow, Ph.D.
Finance and Business/Controller
          Jeff A. Siekmann, M.B.A.
Financial Aid
          Jay A. Larsen, M.Ed.
4-H Foundation
          Nancy Swanson, M.A.
Human Resources
          David Hanson, B.A.
Institutional Research
          Jeri Kurtz, Ed.D.
International Affairs
          Karl J. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Oak Lake Field Station
          Nels Troelstrup, Ph.D.
          Adam Karnopp, M.S.
Residential Life
          Connie Crandall, M.S.
Sioux Falls Programs
          Gail Dobbs Tidemann, Ph.D.
South Dakota Art Museum
          Lynn Verschoor, M.S.
SDSU Foundation/Development
          Steve Erpenbach, B.S., President
Student Activities
          Jennifer Novotny, M.S.
Transportation, Technology Transfer Service
          Ali Selim, Ph.D.
University Relations
          Jennifer Crickard, M.A.
Water and Environmental Engineering Research Center
          Delvin DeBoer, Ph.D.
Water Resources Institute
          Van C. Kelley, Ph.D.
West River Ag Center
          Martin K. Beutler, Ph.D

Department Heads (by college)

Agriculture and Biological Sciences
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
          Van C. Kelley, Ph.D.
Animal and Range Sciences
          Clinton Rusk, Ph.D.
Biology and Microbiology
          Thomas M. Cheesbrough, Ph.D.
Dairy Science
          Vikram V. Mistry, Ph.D.
          Evert Van der Sluis, Ph.D.
Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape and Parks
          David Graper, Ph.D.
Plant Science
          Sue Blodgett, Ph.D.
Rural Sociology
          Donna J. Hess, Ph.D.
Veterinary Science
          David H. Zeman, D.V.M.
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
          David W. Willis, Ph.D.

Arts and Sciences
Aerospace Studies
          Lt Col Dana Nielsen, M.A.
Chemistry and Biochemistry
          James A. Rice, Ph.D.
Communication Studies and Theatre
          Laurie Haleta, Ph.D.
          Kathleen Donovan, Ph.D.
          Roger K. Sandness, Ph.D.
History and Political Science
          April Brooks, Ph.D.
Journalism and Mass Communication
          Mary Peterson Arnold, Ph.D.
Military Science
          MAJ Kory Knight, M.S.
Modern Languages
          Maria Ramos, Ph.D.
          Dave Reynolds, D.M.A.
Philosophy and Religion
          Greg Peterson, Ph.D., Acting
          Bradley Woldt, Ph.D.
Visual Arts
          Norman Gambill, Ph.D.

Education and Human Sciences
Counseling and Human Resource Development
          Jay Trenhaile, Ed.D.
Design, Merchandising and Consumer Sciences
          Jane E. Hegland, Ph.D.
Educational Leadership
          Kenneth Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Health, Physical Education and Recreation
          Bernadette Olson, Ed.D., Acting
Human Development
          Andrew Stremmel, Ph.D.
Nutrition, Food Science and Hospitality
          Chunyang Wang, Ph.D.
Teacher Education
          Lonell L. Moeller, Ph.D.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
          Bruce Berdanier, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
          Dennis Helder, Ph.D.
Engineering Technology and Management
          Teresa Hall, Ph.D.
Mathematics and Statistics
          Kurt Cogswell, Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering
          Kurt Bassett, Ph.D.
          Joel Rauber, Ph.D., Acting

Graduate Nursing
          Sandra Bunkers, Ph.D.
Nursing Student Services
          Marlys Bohn, Ph.D.
Undergraduate Nursing
          Janet Lord, Ph.D.
West River Nursing
          Barbara Hobbs, Ph.D.

Pharmacy Practice
          James Clem, Pharm.D.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
          Chandradhar Dwivedi, Ph.D.

Affiliations and Accreditations


The University holds institutional membership in a number of educational associations: the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (1307 New York Avenue, Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20005-4701; Phone 202-478-4701) promotes the aims expressed in the Morrill Act of 1862, and in the subsequent acts of Congress relating to Land-Grant Colleges.

Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400, Chicago, IL., 60602-2504; Phone 312-263- 0456). Its purpose is to maintain high standards of instructional work and educational programs. The University is accredited through the doctoral level. Its next comprehensive evaluation is 2010.

Agricultural Systems Technology: The Agricultural Systems Technology Program is accredited by the American Society of Agricultural Engineering (2950 Niles Road, St. Joseph, MI 49085-9659; Phone: 616-429-0300).

Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory: The Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (PO Box 1522, Turlock, CA 95381; Phone 209-634-5837).

Art Museum: In 1977 the South Dakota Art Museum became the first South Dakota museum of any kind to be accredited by the American Association of Museums (1575 Eye St., NW, Suite 400, Washington, D.C. 20005; Phone 202-289-1818), and it is now one of only two accredited museums in the state.

Athletic Training: The Athletic Training Program (undergraduate and graduate levels) is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (2201 Double Creek Drive, Suite 5006, Round Rock, TX 78664; Phone 512-733-9700).

Chemistry: The Chemistry Department is accredited by the American Chemical Society (1155 Sixteenth St., N.W., Washington, DC 20036; Phone 202-872-4589).

Computer Science: The Computer Science program is accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology (111 Market Pl., Suite 1050 Baltimore, MD 21202; Phone 410-347-7700).

Construction Management: The Construction Management program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (1717 North Loop 1604 East, Suite 320, San Antonio, TX 78232-1570; Phone 201-495-6161).

Counseling and Human Resource Development: The M.S. in Counseling and Human Resource Development program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (5999 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA22304; Phone 703-823- 9800, ext. 301).

Dietetics: The Didactic Program in Dietetics is developmentally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education of the American Dietetic Association (120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606-6995; Phone 312-899-0040 Ext 5400).

Early Childhood Education: The Early Childhood Education program is accredited by the National Association for Education of Young Children (1506 16th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20036-1426; Phone 800-424-2460).

Engineering: The programs of Agricultural and Biosystems, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology - Engineering Accreditation Commission (111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202; Phone 410-347-7700).

Engineering Technology: The programs of Electronics Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Engineering Technology are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology - Technology Accreditation Commission (111 Market Place, Suite 1050, Baltimore, MD 21202; Phone 410-347-7700).

Extension: The extension programs of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering; Animal and Range Sciences; Biology/Microbiology; Dairy Science; Economics; Experiment Station; Family and Consumer Sciences; Horticulture, Forestry, Landscapes and Parks; Plant Science; Rural Sociology; Station Biochemistry; Veterinary Medicine; and Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences are reviewed by the Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Services (1400 Independence Avenue SW., Stop 2201, Washington, DC 20250-2201)

Family and Consumer Sciences: The curriculum in Family and Consumer Sciences is accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (1555 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314; Phone 703-706-4600).

Health Promotion: The Health Promotion major is endorsed and recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine for meeting the knowledge, skills, and abilities expected of an ACSM Health/Fitness Instructor.

Interior Design: The Interior Design program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (146 Monroe Center NW, Suite 1318; Grand Rapids, MI 49503; Phone: 616.458.0400).

Journalism and Mass Communication: The curriculum in Journalism and Mass Communication is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045; Phone 913-864-3986).

Music: The Music Department has full membership in the National Association of Schools of Music (11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 22090; Phone 703-437-0700).

Nursing: The bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the College of Nursing are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, D.C. 20036-1120; Phone: 202-887-6791).

Pharmacy: The curriculum in Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (20 North Clark Street, Suite 2500, Chicago, IL 60602-5109; Phone 312-664-3575).

Teacher Education: Preparation of teachers and other professional school personnel at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (2010 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20036-1023; Phone 202-466-7496).

The University also holds membership in the American Council on Education, the American Council on Education’s Internationalization Collaborative, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS), the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad (CCSA), the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, the American Association of University Women, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, the American Society for Engineering Education, the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Library Association, Associated Western Universities, Inc., Council of Graduate Schools in the United States, National Association for Foreign Student Affairs, and several others which are concerned with more limited phases of college work. Through the Board of Regents, the University also participates in the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE).