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South Dakota State University    
  Aug 19, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Leadership Minor

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Program Coordinator/Contact
Kimberly Gustafson, Instructor
Department of Consumer Sciences
Wagner Hall 409


Program Information
The undergraduate leadership minor is an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional program that allows students to explore and experience multiple frameworks of leadership. The minor prepares students for real-life leadership experiences, both on-campus and in larger global communities. Leadership development will relate to student aspirations as they transition from the on-campus extracurricular services to professions, communities, and public and private organizations. By completing the minor, students will acquire skills and abilities to serve as competent leaders as they transition to life after graduation.

Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates with a minor in Leadership will:

  • learn fundamental leadership concepts and theories.
  • develop and apply necessary skills (i.e. clear communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, relationship building, ethical decision making, problem solving, goal setting) to be an effective leader.
  • understand their personal leadership style and apply their strengths to future work.
  • understand the positive outcomes diversity brings to the classroom, workplace, team dynamics, problem solving processes, and decision making.

Course Delivery Format
The on-campus program involves lecture, discussion, group work, and applied learning experiences.


Select one course from each competency. Credits: 6

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