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South Dakota State University    
  Jan 20, 2018
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

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English (B.A.)

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Program Coordinator/Contact

Jason McEntee, Department Head
Department of English
Pugsley Hall 301, Box 2218
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Program Information

The English major requires 45 credits in English and linguistics courses and is designed to give the student a broad overview of literature, writing, and the language.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and enhance students’ abilities to communicate in written English while encouraging students to view themselves as engaged, creative and relevant producers of knowledge;
  • Develop students’ literary background as one part of a humanities background which fosters intellectual skills, humanistic understanding, cross-cultural literacy, and aesthetic appreciation;
  • Develop students’ ability to think analytically, speculatively, and imaginatively in ways that are applicable across the disciplines; and
  • Enhance students’ ability to employ instructional technology in their writing, learning and research in innovative and creative ways.

Academic Requirements

To count toward the Major, courses must be passed with a minimum grade of “C.”  Topics courses may only fulfill the specific requirements when approved by the department. All sections of English 210 count as a major elective.

Course Delivery Format

The department offers coursework on campus, online, and at attendance centers around the state.

Requirements for English Major: 120 Credits

Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Sciences

System General Education Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Requirements: 9+

  • Modern Foreign Language Including the 202-Level Credits: 6+
  • A&S 111 - Introduction to Global Citizenship and Diversity Credits: 3  
  • One declared minor outside of the major prefix OR a second major OR a teaching specialization. The minor may be a traditional minor within one department or it may be interdisciplinary involving more than one department. The minor can be in a different college. The minor must be declared no later than the student’s third semester of enrollment.
  • Capstone course in the major discipline
  • Upper division coursework Credits: 33

System General Education and/or major coursework may satisfy some or all of the above requirements. Consult program advisor for details. See the College of Arts & Sciences  for additional information about Bachelor of Arts specifications.

300 Level Literature Courses

Select two 300 level literature courses. Credits: 6

400 Level Literature Course

Select one 400 level literature course. Credits: 3

Writing Course

Select one writing course. Credits: 3


Taken as needed to complete any additional degree requirements.

Total Required Credits: 120


1 The department strongly recommends that students take ENGL 151 prior to their junior year.
2 When approved by the department.
3 Students must have senior standing and have completed ENGL 151 in order to enroll in ENGL 479.

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